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December 23, 2013

Today’s writing, December 23, 2013

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Throughout most of last week, I noticed an usual amount of energy, kind of like a form of anxiety trying to build up and take hole. No, it wasn’t due to the holiday season, it was more subliminal, like fear of an uncertain commitment. Dreams have also been more extensive this week, like I’m in places that I’ve been to before, speaking in languages that I understood in the dreams but wasn’t able to specifically translate when I awoke. No more vampire or end of the world dreams though, which is interesting given the amount of end of the world zombie scenarios I’ve been watching.

I would say that everything of thoughts, feelings/emotions/energies of the mind that we experience do have connections/roots into their origin/source – that which matters, that which is real, that which remain here as substance, the physical reality. However, as we have muddled the waters of our minds to such a degree, our words that should be creating harmony often end up causing/creating individualized to collective chaos on a worldwide scale.

Anyway, I write a lot of stuff that I would say is kind of technical – in that I consider most of the words that I write and (usually) every single word that I post. It’s a personal process of writing and looking at the words, their various meanings, symbols/letters, sounds and energies or frequencies that I may have written into/as the words. I guess – as guests do – how to place these words so as to create beneficial outflows. My goal is more than just to write/right me; it’s also to place words into and as the physical reality and the collective consciousness of humans so as to assist/support the physical reality,  and also assist/support consciousness as me to realize/see self as one with and of substance, this physical reality.

I’m not really sure if I as my words are having the best overall effect or if I’m even doing anything more than writing/righting me; either way, I/we might as well begin somewhere, here. There probably is an easier way to figure out how to use words; I’m sure there is. However, the easiest way – like spelling words without first understanding self as the source of such words – can be quite consequential and even harmful. I’ve written a blog, part of my story  on experimenting with words while not yet standing equal with/as the source of them. It was an interesting eye opener.

Continuing along the lines of words, not too long ago I spoke of targeting our words and deeds unto points within/as the world system so as to maximize the effect of such words and deeds. I am not certain that this would speed up the process of sowing the whole/hole back together; it might only rearrange the consequences or sequence of events/changes. Additionally, before targeting words, it’s important to be standing to a certain degree so as to be prepared for the opportunities and/or consequences that may arise and/or befall. What I was really doing by putting this “point of targeting” out there was just that, putting it out there.

So, I’m going to leave this here as the continuation of blogging from the maze to become more visible so as to allow others to see the degree of Integrity within and as which I stand and/or fall.



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