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December 17, 2013

Welcome to the Machine – Part One

For some time now, I’ve been writing on the subject of information accountability and its relationship to integrity, how through information accountability we may be able to assist ourselves individually and collectively to cultivate a form integrity within and as humanity. I had been looking at different perspectives or dimensions of integrity, but there was a point that I just wasn’t getting. Then yesterday while reading a Desteni forum chat on the subject of integrity – I came across one point or perspective on integrity that I had completely missed. “With having a look at Integrity from a physical dimension – the physical is an example of integrity, it stands by itself and by all its parts in the interconnected equality and oneness, is constant and consistent and with this – trustworthy. So, I would say integrity is made up of being constant, consistent and trustworthy with visible stability.” Sunette Spies.

So, the point that I’ve been missing all this time in terms of defining integrity and walking a process to stand as it, is that of “trustworthy with visible stability.” So, to push through this point here is a post – that like me – is a writing in progress.

Some time ago I wrote about our lack of information integrity/accountability wherein I stated, “Information Unaccountability is a weapon of mass destruction that will continue to spread destruction, disease and death until “We the People” stand up and become accountable sources of all our information within and as the Public Domain.”

By weapon of mass destruction destruction, I am referring to humans’ every thought, word and deed causing the compounding consequences of this reality – dissonance, disharmony, a human race at war with itself and everything else. Scientist seem to be getting warmer regarding their guesses as to how we’ve manifested this disharmonious reality. My guess is the “Big Picture” is not nearly as complex as scientists would have us think and believe. For every action, there is a consequential reaction leading to compounded consequential reactions which are constantly shaping and forming the whole, hole of a reality. In other words, we’re all responsible for the outflows of consequence as the creation/formation of what is here.

There is nothing complex about the butterfly effect; it’s just that we perceive the whole to be too immense to consider or take into account before we think, speak and act, often choosing instead to ignore the whole in favor of the self-interests of our small minds, kind of like the crowd mentality when someone yells “Fire!” or “Free X box!.” In other words, it’s the little interactions done without considering the effect that such actions will have on down the relationship-lines to other people’s realities, the world-system and the world as a whole.

Take for example the porn watchers on their computers and TV’s. As far as most of them are probably concerned, there’s no harm in just looking at what’s already been filmed. However, if they would consider the bigger picture, they might see that every time they click on the mouse and view a new page, they’re most likely generating money as incentive to the entire industry; thus participating in and causing consequences all the way down to the children who are used, abused and discarded all because of a demand by end-users at various points within and as the relationship lines of the porn industry.

Just as every drop of water equally determines the nature of the sea, so too does every human equally determine the nature of humanity. While it may be difficult to imagine how every action of each-human goes on to influence all other actions; thus creating the outflows of consequence to/as all of humanity; when we put this consideration simply in terms of information within and as the public domain of the Internet, the problem becomes not only more manageable but also completely mappable, traceable along all relationship lines to all points of interaction to all human origins.

Each drop of water from a perspective of awareness is the sea, one with and equal to all drops of water. Our sea of harmony would be one in which all drops of water understand their interconnectedness and thus their responsibilities to express themselves in manners that (rather than compete with and harm other drops of water), assist and support them because all realize that they/we as the sea are one and the same.

In other words, we humans as drops within and as the sea simply require to take responsibility for ourselves and all that is here as ourselves, the sea. How are we going to do this? It’s a multidimensional process, and in these next few posts I’m primarily going to focus on that of Information as it pertains to people and the World Wide Web (of information).

Information, I would say is like the identifying factors of the formations and pathways of both the physical and energetic realities.  Even though the physical reality is influenced by energy information, it remains constant, consistent and trustworthy. In other words, the problem isn’t in how earth and this physical existence functions; it functions fine. The problem is that the outflows of consequence created by humans unto earth – this physical existence – are taking too much of a toll on earth’s ability to maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem. It’s getting out of control because humanity is out of control; not enough people are taking responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds. It’s like shouting out, “I hate you.” without considering who’s in ear-shot and what their reactions will be once they perceive that you hate them. Or releasing tons of chemicals into a water supply without considering how those chemicals are going to interact with the plants and animals, and what will happen when other animals such as people consume that which has been contaminated. It’s out of control because we humans have abdicated our responsibilities as integral drops of water within and as the sea; choosing instead our perceptions of free-choice in the free-dome of a human race to be the last consumer to cry buy! buy! in a dead sea. Yes, we humans are the fuck ups; it’s never been the effect of the butterfly, it’s always been the human effect.

Herein, the question is simple: how are we going to harmonize all humans – as our relationships – to sound standings of integrity/trustworthiness before we all self destruct? The most responsible solution would probably be for each human to simply change his/her internal mind/physical relationships to equal and one sound standings of integrity so as to also change the world system – the reflection of humans’ internal and external relationships – to thus reflect our collective standing of sound integrity. Unfortunately, far too many humans have yet to realize or even imagine how it is that the worldwide disharmony (from the small to the big reflecting back unto all) that we perceive to be caused by someone else is in reality equally as one caused by us all; thus requiring all of us to equally as one to take responsibility for righting all.

Taking responsibility for ourselves does not call for suddenly stopping our participation in the world-system just because there are points of evil within and as our relationship lines; this would be like the bubble suddenly bursting (which may happen anyway) and just causing more chaos and more suffering. Instead, it’s a process wherein we walk all relationship points of and as the sea so as to see, realize and understand how it is that we are all in each moment equally as one creating what is here.

Obviously, this is an immense ongoing process. As it has been a process of getting ourselves to a point of almost zero integrity, so to will it be a process returning to the stand of integrity. How fast and how easy or difficult this process is going to be depends on the willingness of individuals to participate; to begin with, each one’s willingness to become accountable open-sources of all our public information, so as to participate internally and externally in this process of realigning all of our relationships to equal standings of integrity – from the without of the world system to the within of each human, and vice versa.

Now for the point of information accountability as it may pertain to Integrity in a new world order. In short, the lack of integrity within and as the human-race leaves us with little choice but to impose information accountability upon ourselves so as to cultivate a form of integrity so as to stabilize, stop and reverse the decline of mankind. Welcome to the machine!

To be continued.



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