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September 3, 2013

Hosting the family

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I’ve been hosting family for the last 10 days, and in so doing put off my usual writing. Actually, a typhoon/monsoon was hovering over Taiwan for most of the time so we didn’t even do the planned trip around the island. It’s always interesting how even a short span of 10 days or two weeks of not writing leaves me with a feeling in my stomach, like a low level anguish of dread. The conversations I’ve been having with my brother in law have been interesting; yet once again I’ve realized that most of the people in this world simply do not believe that we the people on the ground have the responsibility or are even able to change this world by ourselves. It’s kind of like everybody’s just trying to hold out, wait for the ruling class to fix the problems, or just leave them for the next generations. It’s strange/sarcastically humorous that I have yet to meet face to face with a single person who agrees that we the people are able to change this world for the better.

As for myself, I’ve been considering how one might get into politics so as to do just that, change the world for the better – from within. I’ll write about this more in days, weeks and months to come, how to possibly get elected to the elite political positions by using the Internet, and what the people should expect of their newly elected representatives. For now however, I’d like to get out of me some more of my situation on the ground. Last year I made a decision that, in terms of work and everything else I did, I would do it wholeheartedly with the aim of creating solutions that would be best for all involved. What I encountered in many instances was duplicity. In most cases, I’d say it wasn’t because people didn’t want to be honest, but because they just didn’t dare rely on the honesty of another. Herein as I’ve stated many times in different ways, is the point of the downfall of mankind, a lack of trust in one another fueled by the secrets we keep. As I’ve realized that the only way I’ll contribute to changing this world is by starting with me, I’ll continue on this path of self-honesty, opening up and trusting others; thus giving them the opportunity to trust me. It’s the same thing in regards to information; one side must be the first to lower their information weapons so as to be the example for the other side.




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