Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

August 10, 2013

Desteni Testimony: Part 4

The way I write what I call technical writing – sometimes for the purpose of explaining and/or persuading people to consider, and sometimes just for fun to see if I am able to put the pieces/words/me together so that they and I are able to stand as one – is to write out fragments, lots of them, and then expand on them, experimenting with them here and there until they start to make sense or follow a logical commonsensical path to a realization wherein I see that I am able and willing to stand as this/these points/words. It’s like plotting a course; even though I as that course may not yet be on the best course – the point that is best for all – at least I am able to see to a degree where I am and where I require course corrections.

 Earlier today, I listened to the 4th and 5th interviews of the Secret History of the Universe (maybe still free to download) available on Eqafe by Desteni. One day, while still in/as this physical body, I’d enjoy explaining or giving perspectives in more detail, this history of the universe that has been provided by an inter-dimensional being who came through the portal to relay her findings regarding the existential records that were left behind by various beings – essentially earlier versions of ourselves in different forms. However even if every single word I spoke were specific as in standing equal and one with all that is here, it would still require that I write a book or books. And even that – depending on the depth of the explanations – might only cover one of the thousands of interviews/perspective that have already been put out by Desteni over the last 5-7 years.

 The difference between the information that Desteni is presenting, and let’s say that which Spiritualist or Conspiracy-theorists put-out, is that Desteni places the information into a format wherein which each word or sentence is linked-to and may be cross referenced by and with any/all of the thousands of other words, sentences, documents, videos or interviews that have be written and/or recorded by and through the portal. The information is basically new science. New science as opposed to old-science differs in that the New is not a concept of Consciousness, i.e., it understands and explains from a point of standing one with and equal, in and as the present – as opposed to the current Consciousness con Science of observing, interpreting and recording in separation, the actions of the past. I realize that one might question what I just stated therein asking; how could one possibly speak of the “Secret History of the Universe” from a point of standing one with and equal to that history in and as the Present? The simple answer – my view or take thus-far on this question, is that the memory of the information never just disappears from existence, but ripples back into/as substance, layering/compounding/compressing to eventually sort of form this physical existence; thus the current compounding of consequences to and as this physical existence.

 As to how a human body is able to become an inter-dimensional-portal wherein one being steps out, and another/others step in, this and many more questions are answered in detail here. I really enjoy writing on these topics; yet to attempt to go into more detail would be more than a few hours of typing, and regarding many points, more than I currently/here understand. Specifically, being able to place this information into coherent perspectives is a matter of the degree to which one is standing/walking/living one and equal to the words he or she speaks and writes. Thus within and as our speaking and writing is the proof so to speak of the points as the degrees to which we are actually standing/living our words. It is possible to stretch points in writing so as to make it appear that one is honest and understanding beyond that which he/she/we are actually living; yet it’s like the saying, you can run (from your deceptions) but you cannot hide; i.e., to those who understand words, the stretches and or deceptions are very clear.

 So, getting back to how I’ve changed me. First of all, I don’t recall the last time I allowed myself to “really” became anger/angry. Over the last year or so, there have been several times when I saw the point of anger beginning to arise, and each time, I stopped it before I became it. Yes, one is able to actually see anger as an energy build-up as it arises. The clearest example I recall, is like a gray shape rising-up/growing in the right side of my back as it was taking form. For me, I’d say that anger is the nastiest of all energy/e-motions. So, I just don’t do it, it’s painful, kind of like a never wanting to go back to that scenario. I’m not saying that I’ll never become anger again – although, to never become angry again is absolutely part of my plan – but that through studying with Desteni, the SRA and the I Process – I’ve come to realize the basic design of anger, how it as energy manifest through and as our participation in and as the mind, and how we are able to stop it before it even starts. Obviously, I’m simplifying things, and of course what I’m stating is my perspective; however, I am so thankful that I haven’t seen/allowed that emotion to grow/manifest in and as me for quite some time. I guess that’s because anger/conflict is one of the points I initially focused on in my process, and although I’m still working on it, realizing it’s origins has been extremely supportive, especially for my relationship with my wife. It’s not that I am completely without feelings or emotions, but it is cool that I’ve become more aware of them; thus better enabling myself to see, realize and stop them before they become me.

 I find the mind in and as its design to be just a work; not of perfection, but of Love in that it has merged the best and the worst of us, basically leaving us with no other options but to face and change the nature of ourselves to that which is best for all, or continue to ignore and be consumed by ourselves. And we now have inter-dimensional perspectives of ourselves as the mind, even from Consciousness itself in detail along with the tools and support to let go of the control so as to stand in equality and oneness with all that is here. This is the processes of every being, to stand equal and one with all that is here, and take responsibility within and and as the self-directed principle of what is best for all.

 In the next post, I may look more at Words, and perhaps put into some perspective for myself and others just how important they are to understand/live.







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