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August 6, 2013

Desteni Testimony: The Cult Question Revisited part 3

Filed under: Writing out the Mind: 2010-July 2, 2012 — Thomas La Grua @ 1:25 pm

Continuing with my Desteni Testimony, which is also a testament of me, where I am in my process. Process is as it sounds, a series of actions directed to an end/beginning. The Desteni I Process (I would say) is a process in which one – with the assistance and support of others, directs self to a point of physical awareness to stand in equality and oneness within and as the principle of what is best for all.

A while back, I reacted quite strongly to an article that someone had posted on “Secrecy.” It was like I just became possessed, and using words as swords, I attacked. The other day I finally finished a post that I had been writing for quite some time on the the issue of Internet Information Accountability – vs Secrecy. I am adamantly opposed to secrecy in all it’s forms, and this points to one thing, the secrets I hide/hold within and as me. I guess the biggest secret I’ve resisted posting online is the fact that even though I supposedly stopped drinking alcohol just over a year ago, about 4-5 months ago I decided that I would allow myself to drink beer in moderation once or twice a week, usually on weekends. The moderation point hasn’t always gone as planned, and this where I am regarding alcohol. What I’ve just written here isn’t about an emotion or feeling having to do with alcohol, but the weight of a secret that I’ve been keeping.

This “carrying secrets” within and as us is what I see as the predominate cause of the devolution of mankind, and of course the devolution of me. I have slowed this devolution, but not yet stopped and reversed it, and this (again as I see it) is what Process is all about, slowing down to stop and reverse the devolution of human beings, the human race. How easy it would be if Desteni were just a Cult that were able to brainwash me and the rest of humanity into being that which is best for all; unfortunately it doesn’t work that way; only I am able to change the nature of me. As it is, Desteni has been extremely supportive in assisting me to get to where I am now, more aware of where I am, and closer to realizing where I’m going.

In the next post, I will probably look at what I have written, and write out self-forgiveness for the points that I’ve allowed to define me.



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