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July 23, 2013

Desteni Testimony, the Cult question Revisited

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I’m writing this testimony about me and my involvement/participation with Desteni, not as an insider who has physically been to the Desteni farm, but as one who has extensively researched the information, and participated in the I-process.

To be honest, what most surprised me about the information that has come out, wasn’t the content of the information, but the inability or refusal of so many to simply see the simplicity of the overall message; that which has been so clearly written, enunciated and shown in so many ways and in so many languages. Yet as a teacher of twenty years, who is committed to living the point of doing unto others as I would have done unto me, I have come to realize that – as with me – most require to be taught, shown and assisted again and again and again until the information and knowledge is lived through words and deeds to a point of understanding. So here is an updated testimony of my involvement/participation with Desteni.

Back in 2007, I was (and technically still am) an expat from the USA. Having already traveled much of the world and been living in Taiwan for about 17 years, I was finding life somewhat monotonous. I owned a business and a couple of houses, had participated in the dot-com rise and fall, educated myself in many universities and so on. So, at the age of 45 – married with no children, I decided that I could afford investigate for real what the hell was going on in this world, while at the same-time have some fun. So, off to China I went to study International law from a Chinese perspective, and to write a PhD thesis on an issue that would perhaps make a difference in the world.

So I did have fun in Beijing: I was there for the Olympics; I studied and taught in two of China’s top universities, China University of Political Science and Law – studied, and The People’s University of China – taught. Yet, even with the massive amount of research that I was putting in trying to connect the dots to figure out what was wrong in this world, so as to come up with a solution, the further I dug outside of the prescribed education-system material, the thicker the plot became. It was like a spider web wherein I could find not single point of real accountability/responsibility. Then one day out of nowhere, I saw one of those now famous/infamous You-tube videos of beings speaking through a young woman/portal. That was when the real journey began, when I began to realize that there is no centralized point of accountability/responsibility in this world; we’re all equally responsible for what is here.

Yes, I did immediately realize that I was on to something; kind of like an archaeologist who’s just chiseled through solid rock to now gaze into the blackness of a tomb of the ancients. Later, I would realize why – to an hypothesis – some are immediately able to listen to and consider what is being presented, while others stay turned off or react as though they’re being attacked.

Before I had walked or tagged along with Desteni for several years, I would not have agreed to once again write – to be posted in the public domain for all of humanity to read — that which I am now writing; not because I wouldn’t have cared to have humanity realize what’s been happening behind the scenes, but because humanity – the ones with money who are in positions to make corrective changes, don’t seem to care about anything except themselves. And this for me is a personal point that I have dealt with on a daily basis ever since realizing what Desteni was saying. See, within and as me it’s been difficult to find a natural point of caring for anyone or anything except myself; it’s not fun to realize or admit that the nature of me is little different from those that don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. The little difference that there perhaps is is that I happen to realize that this selfish nature of mine will be the miserable end of us all if we don’t change ourselves; thus I have committed myself to changing the nature of me to care for all as I would have all care for me, i.e., giving as I would like to receive, and doing unto others as I would have done unto me in the nature of what is best for all. This as I see it what Desteni is all about; it’s a simple message that comes with the equalizing tools of knowledge and information, and the unwavering support for all who would apply this knowledge and information to become the living word, live the changes that are necessary for us to change this world to a place where life is dignified, a heaven on earth that is best for all.

Oh, and as for the Cult issue – for those who are still attempting to apply it; I’d simply say “grow up and get over it; do your homework, it’s called objective research.” As for the Haters and Trolls that would attempt to discredit an organization whose stated and exemplified purpose is to create a world that is best for all, I suggest gifting unto yourselves the opportunity to live a dignified life, one that is only able to be received by gifting it equally to all.

I will probably go into more personal detail in posts to come; however, if one cares enough to walk a change that is best for all, below are some places you might start. Or if your just interested in The Secret History of the Universe, here is the place to start.

Thank you



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  1. Thanks. A cool read.

    Comment by martijndegraaf1001 — July 24, 2013 @ 4:57 am

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