Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

March 22, 2013

On the Message of Equality

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Clearly, no matter how much one write about the consequences that we human beings have caused unto ourselves and this world as a whole, there will continue to be a percentage that will fight to the bitter-end against Equality, in favor of – by default, their perceived right to have more.
In terms of the living conditions on this planet, there is no equality, only comparison: fear in the I’s of the beholders. I look up to see those with more, and I desire what is theirs. I look down to see those with less, and I fear losing what is mine. Herein lies the conundrum of the human race. Paralyzed in the point of desiring something more, while fearing to lose what we have, we as a species have failed to realize that there is another Real option, the point of equality wherein we may “all” have what we need and even more. That so many are unable or unwilling to even imagine that every single one of us have the ability to move in harmony, is testament to a deep-rooted fear that has come to define who we are within and as the human race.
Ever wonder what is that we’re racing to get to; what could possibly be so important that we must kill and consume everything just to reach the finish line? I have, and good news is the end is in sight. The bad news is, the final stretch is shaping up to be the most difficult, and to make matters worse, we seem to have gone the wrong direction – down the road of devolution, instead of evolution.
Deep down inside we all desire, want and need this race to end, so that we may begin anew. However, simply ending the race and thus stopping the devolution of life, is only part of the solution. From here, it is still is up to us all to design and agree upon a new destination – a New World Order if you will, one that affords us “all” equal rights and opportunities to a dignified life. This is where the Desteni group and the principles it stand by, come into play in a serious way. Equality is an absolute, and therefore the only solution/directive that we may “all” agree upon, because what is best for All is obviously also going to be best for self. It’s not an idea, it’s a principle/directive by and as which we give ourselves the opportunity and thus the responsibility to create a new world order that isn’t just best for the few, but best for us all.


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