Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

March 2, 2013

Day 101: Shame Rant

Filed under: Desteni I process, DIP, La Grua, Self forgiveness, seven year journey to life, shame — Thomas La Grua @ 8:32 pm

Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame on You! What you gonna do when they come for you? What you gonna do when you stand in front of that mirror, ask yourself why you didn’t stand up for your brothers and sisters – the blood of you? Where were you when the hungry cried? Where where you when the oceans died, the last tree fell, and babies cried? Where were you when the bombs subsided; what side of the two-headed coin did you choose? Hollywood, sell some cheap glue to the ghetto boys and sing the blues. Where was I and where were you; shame we didn’t arrive in time.
Inside the mind of a man who has not found his shame. It’s there, I can feel it and see it, but it’s too dangerous bring it up. The system sees shame, as with honesty, as a weakness to be trounced upon, outcast/cutoff from the spoils, nothing more for the conscientious traitors. “Go die with the ones that care enough to be what is right and good.”
  • The Black hole, everyone must have one, that place we dare not go because, because, because; why?
  • Why not explore the deepest of dark holes? Because of course, you might fall in, get lost and never return.
  • How could I possible loose myself, unless myself is not really me, but a program designed to get me to believe it is me?
  • It’s you alright, and you go down that rabbit hole, you ain’t never coming back.
  • What is Shame, real shame, and why haven’t I found mine?
  • Shame in the system is like having no money, or talking to people who aren’t there (unless of-course you make a cartoon out of it – in which case they reward you with money), it’s not politically correct, and you might get put away; you’ll  definitely lose ALL your MONEY! They – the system, just take it away, and your friends will refuse to even ReCogNize you.
  • Shame is a lonely road where only the bold may go, and once you go, you never come back.

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