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January 14, 2013

The immaturity of Today’s so-called of the so-called Free world

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The immaturity of Today’s so-called of the so-called Free world
What may I say that hasn’t been said so many times, already in so many ways. Looking at the world through the eyes of mine, at the news, at the so-called leaders of the so-called free world, I would laugh if it weren’t so pitiful. Really, is this what maturity is about; is this the evolution that we so often speak of – from apes to men? Where is it that when two apes disagree, they prepare for war in which mostly it’s the non-combatants – women and children that don’t just die they get slaughtered? Where is it that you see monkeys saying that this is my land, my food, my water, my, my, my, my? You don’t, and that’s because monkeys, gorillas, and even the bacteria is more evolved than the human being, except of course when it comes to killing and consuming. I don’t see the leader of the free bacteria committing genocide, or forcing its own kind to starve themselves through GMO corn-syrup induced obesity, giving them just enough money (in government handouts) to prevent them from being able to afford natural healthy foods. All I see when I look at the so-called leaders of the free world is immaturity… And the people? Actually, I never really hear the voices of the people; few seem to speak up, and when they do, they often make the mistake of taking sides instead of standing for what is best for all – equality. When are people going to come to understand that the voices of the two sides are one in the same, counter balancing each other, while remaining focused on exactly the same point/agenda?
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