Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

October 11, 2012

Day 55: Visualizing Existence

Yesterday I read an article about the scientist who was awarded a Nobel prize for for showing or photographing the same particle in two different places at the same time; at least that’s what I got out of the article after having scanned it – actually it was quite lacking in specifics. So last night while I lay awake listening to Anu(said to be the primary creator/facilitator of the current physical-existence), I began to look at this concept – that something could be in two places at the same time, and I figured that if the same particle could be in two different places at the same time/moment, then it could also be in three, four, or five, continuing on into/as the entirety of all of existence, implying that all is or at least could be, ‘One’. Anyway, the way I see it is, it’s not that matter/substance is in two different physical locations at the same time; it’s that the awarenesses/perspective of matter within/as substance that, depending on one’s perspective/awareness, appears to be in different places at the same time, yet is always actually just here. Because if all is ‘One’, then there is no ‘there’ – except in terms of awareness/perspective of and as what is ‘here’. In other words it’s only the perspective or scope of awareness that change. The scientist said it himself – it’s just a “ parlor trick” = illusion, and the results of this type of experiment are known to be influenced by the observer. Of course, the way I view things now will likely change in the future – as it has already rapidly changed – especially over the last five years, due in a large part to what I’ve learned and or interpreted from that material available at the Desteniwebsite. Actually, I do not expect that any of my views/observations will turn out to be correct/incorrect; I’m recording this now because it’s where I am, and in the future perhaps I will have the opportunity to see how my perspective has changed. Currently I visualize existence in two ways: the way it is now, and the way it could/should be.
The way I visualize existence as it is now
In the beginning, existence/we and all that has ever been here as us/existence was a balloon shaped substance as a single-being or awareness. Then for some reason, we (as the being/awareness) divided our awareness into two equal/identical awarenesses. Thus we had two identical awarenesses/beings that were equal and one within and as the same substance/existence, yet in terms of awareness, each was only aware of itself – limited to its half of existence and separated/defined by its relationship to itself and the other self-awareness / half of existence. In other words, the two sides of existence were not actually separate, yet their awarenesses of themselves as one with and equal to each other and/as the whole was limited/separate – as in the illusion of separation. As I view it, there is constant or equation within and as existence that says (simply) what happens in/as one, happens equally in/as all, implying absolute equality within and as the substance of/as all of existence. This makes sense to me because the whole is always equal to the sum of its parts, and that number is always one. Thus in starting with ‘One’, and exponentially multiplying or dividing by any number (not zero it’s just a concept), the sum and or sum-total of the equation is always going to equal ‘One’ (at least that’s how I visualize it) – thus, the absolute equality and oneness within and as the substance of/as existence, which is a way I visualize equality and oneness, and in this view regardless of from which point or perspective I look, all is still ‘One’. Yet depending on the perspectives/awarenesses of the single-points or singularities within/as existence all may not be equal, and here in the illusion of separation lies the inequality within and as existence as a whole. We have limited our self-awareness to such an extent as consciousness that we do not see ourselves as one with and equal to all that is here; we don’t see/realize that what we do unto another we are actually doing unto ourselves. This as I have repeatedly been informed will all become clear at death. Yet why should we wait for death to finally realize the common-sense of equality and oneness?

My visualization of how existence could/should be
If – in the beginning we as one awareness had realized our oneness with/as all of existence and, in separating our self-awareness into innumerable singularities, realized our new-self awarenesses as singularities one with and equal to all of existence – as ourselves: then perhaps existence would now look a lot different. In other words, in once again looking at the bubble of existence, I visualize our ‘One’ awareness splitting into separate awarenesses / singularities, yet with each singularity still aware of self’s equality and oneness with and as all of existence. It’s like, in the first visualization (as in cellular division),  one awareness is divided into two awareness – equal and one-within/as existence; the awarenesses divide again and again and again… However, in my visualization of how existence should be, the awareness of each of the innumerable singularities overlap one another to include each-other within and as all of existence. Thus, at any given moment a singularity could be/express itself as a singularity – itself in relation to all of itself as existence; it could expand its awareness to include all of existence, or perhaps it could merge its awareness with other awareness, so as to (from a limited-awareness perspective) appear to be the same singularity in two places at the same time. The differentiating factor of each point/singularity within and as our ‘New’ existence would be each singularity’s self-awareness expression in the moment within and as equality and oneness. This is kind of how I see a small piece of the puzzle of existence from where I’m now sitting. Now, I’ll get back to figuring out how to identify and remove personality systems.
Creation’s Journey to Life
Heaven’s Journey to Life
Earth’s Journey to Life
Thomas La Grua


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