Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

September 30, 2012

Day 51: Process Update

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Yesterday I asked my wife: “How do you know that your memories are you own; maybe they were just implanted into you.” I was just having fun with her. Yet the reality is I have no idea who she or anyone else is; why would I when I don’t even know who I am. I’ll just come out and say this: we humans are probably the “dumbest, most ignorant” species on this planet, in existence for that matter. “I think therefore I am,” perhaps a robot, maybe? Because as AI has so clearly demonstrated to us – thinking is simply a program. What is it within our very nature that would knowingly destroy itself and all else without even checking to see if there is another way? Programmed machines, that’s what we humans are – programmed organic robots. Yet as all is of life, we do have “the ability” to direct ourselves to not push that self-destruct button, and instead reprogram ourselves to the simplicity of directing ourselves on a path that mathematically determined to be what is best for all – it’s that simple. As I have interpreted from my investigations – research (mostly from Destenimaterial) and observations, is that 1) As stated above, we are currently experiencing ourselves as organic robots – who “think” we are in control yet are not. 2) Our perception of reality is a creation of our minds. What else could it be; our minds, based on definitions that we most often have no clue as to their origins, interpret singles that we receive / are inputted through our senses, and in turn the mind directs us accordingly. In other words, our reality/realities are illusions presented to us by our minds, and we in turn “act” according to those illusions. And 3) These illusions will eventually come crashing down; of this I am certain because “mine” is already in the process of doing so. Actually, I wouldn’t say that my illusion is coming crashing down; it’s more like I’m tearing it down, and it’s quite fascinating. What will be left after the illusion, remains to be realized. In the meantime, I might as well enjoy this virtual reality crash of mine – hopefully it will be the last.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand that to be here is to be everywhere within and as all that is here, and within this I see and realize that I am still perceiving reality and not yet living it. Thus I commit myself to – as I write about these changes, also (enjoy) living them.
  • I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to state that I have no idea of who people are, when actually ideas are mostly what I do have, and within this I see/realize and understand that instead of having ideas, I may live and express one with and equal to all as me. In this I commit myself to see/realize and understand that as life, everything is one with and equal to me as life, and to express me as life is simply to realize/express me as life.
  • I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize and understand the simplicity of the point of “Fear” within and as ourselves / our nature that leads us to self-destruction, and within this understanding also not see the simplicity of the solution as in stopping the the Fear.
Stopping the Fear: it’s easy for me to say, and a hell of a lot easier for me to even consider, considering where I sit. Yet the solution and implementation of that solution is the responsibility of all those who sit where I sit. As we are still “not yet” in survival mode, we have the responsibility to endeavor to understand how the details of the Mind/World Consciousness System function and doing so empower ourselves to take control of the system and reverse its function from that which supports only a few, to that which equally supports all. Again I will say it: the overall details / design of the Mind/World Consciousness System and its relationship to the physical existence are available at Along with this comes a practical solution for solving the crisis that we/all on earth currently find ourselves in up to our necks; it’s all neatly packaged for all levels of intelligence, the only requirement is self-will.  
Creation’s Journey to Life
Heaven’s Journey to Life
Earth’s Journey to Life
Thomas La Grua


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