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July 12, 2012

A New World Equality System based on the foundation that all Life is Created Equal

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Of course, I’m thankful to be sitting here in my comfortable chair in my comfortable home. Sipping coffee, considering my choices for lunch; I have no fear that tomorrow I will go hungry, or have to sleep in a car, a tent, on the sidewalk or in a garbage dump. Why should I worry? That will never be me, I’ll not fall from grace.

How many beings must have once thought just like that? How many wish that they could go back for just a moment – take back that thought and replace it with a single action, a stand that taken as a group could have changed the world so that no man, woman or child would ever again have to endure suffering like that which they now endure, having fallen from grace. In hindsight they must think: How messed up was that, I had plenty, while others had none; they were beggars and thieves, they deserved what they got; now look at me, I am one of them. God, what did I do to deserve this?

The Fall from Grace: To those that would dare to question God, as to why he has given glorious wealth to the few, and a life of debt to the rest: Beware! See the faces of the fallen in countries like Greece and Spain, and cities like Detroit and Las Vegas. They too were once counted amongst us – the elite, the middle-class with computers, painted homes and pickup trucks. Look at them now if you dare: comrades fallen from grace – forgotten memories, not even a face in the masses, no money in their pockets, just prisoners and slaves trapped in vicious cycles of debt. What did they do, why did they fall so far from grace? 

A wasted opportunity = a wasted life: They – the fallen ones had their chance (while they were still in grace) to make a difference, by standing for change, standing up and being counted as one vote for equality. But they didn’t and now it’s too late. It’s too late for them to stand and question the system, because now they’re trapped in survival mode, living only in hunger, fear and regret. Why didn’t they question the system when they had their chance, when they were still privileged, when were still graced? It’s too late for them now: their wealthy friends that they once knew will not see their suffering nor hear their cries. They’re money is all gone, they’ve fallen from grace. Who will be next to fall, will it be you, will it be me? Will we spend the rest of our days, regretting that we stayed silent, that we did nothing to change the system because it benefited us while we were still in grace? 

The Stupid Economy: It’s a messed up world, everything’s in reverse: It’s not economy, stupid. It’s stupid economy! Why is it stupid? Because it only benefits the few, like you and me; without considering the whole, – it cares for, and only values money. The definition of a stupid economy: an economy that values Money over Life. Open your eyes and look to the Sea – if the fish could speak, what would their message be? Open your eyes and look to the mountains – they used to be green, but now they are bare. Open your eyes and look to the sky – the birds and the bees, where have they all gone; gone to graveyards, everyone – bought and sold in a world where money is valued over life. It’s a stupid economic system – one that is killing us all in the name of profit.

The responsibility: who still has the ability to respond: All of us are equally as one responsible for this mess we’re in. We got ourselves into it, and it’s up to us to get ourselves out. Don’t blame the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, or Bilderberg and CFR. Those super-elites didn’t magically take away our power to question, stop and redirect our world; we gave it to them, and they did as they saw fit. Unfortunately, they never seem to have cared for the word, Equality. 

The solution: We are the solution – those of us sitting in front of our computers, not slaving for a dollar a day; those of us reading of the atrocities, not being raped and blown away. We are the only ones left who are able to respond. 

The Opportunity: The Internet has equalized the playing field, and the opportunity to usher in a New World Equality system will soon be at hand. Use this time to “research and see” what’s going on in this world. Then make a commitment to actually participate in changing it; become a player, or stay a pawn. My commitment to participating in the establishment of a New World System based on the foundation that “all Life is created equal” begins with the following statement: “I am one vote for equality.” Commitment is the first step to real change.
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