Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

May 21, 2012

Day 23

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I enjoy/appreciate reading the Blogs: Heaven’s, Creation’s, and Earth’s Journey to life. Self-forgiveness in a package – one size fits all, and almost all of it does fit me very well.
Lately there just hasn’t been much regarding me that I’m anxious about. Change – unlike my travel plans seems to move slowly. I’m still not certain where I’ll be spending my summer, and that doesn’t really bother me. Happy, my dog had/has worms, so I researched on the internet, took her to the vet, got some medicine… Gotta be careful when researching anything to do with medicine, on the internet. Sites are designed to instill paranoia so as to sell, sell, sell. So, now every-time I poop, I have to check and see if I have worms, too. Our hot water dispenser started leaking yesterday. So, because of one tiny little flaw – that was probably designed into it, I’ve got to replace the whole thing, such a waste. I’ll probably start working again within the next couple of weeks. I enjoy teaching children, but I might also work with some adults. As I’ve grown older, teaching has become a lot more fun, and I’m very thankful to be able to do this kind of work.

So, what else it there to write about? I guess I could write about my eating hot-wings this evening, having stomach indigestion and not being able sleep – which is one of the reasons I’m up now at 3:30am. I could write about points that I have yet to stand equal to, but I’ve been there and done that – the writing part, and it gets so repetitious sometimes. Many of the points that I cling to are points that I obviously don’t view as high priorities – in terms of needing to let them go. I don’t ‘believe’ in anything, and I don’t think perfection is or can be defined / limited. I’m destroying and perhaps creating me at the same time. It’s a work in progress that sometimes seems daunting, to say the least. I’ve read, I’ve researched, and I comprehend a lot, but it’s not the whole story. There are missing pieces to the puzzle; perhaps, that’s where I fit in. Everything’s a part/peace of the puzzle, but who or what designed the puzzle. And once this part of the puzzle is complete, what does the design then call for; how many more designs/designers are there?


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