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April 17, 2012

New World Order & an Equal Money System

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They say that the NWO is destroying democracy, their once great and powerful nations, and robbing the god-fearing people of their rights, wealth, and sovereignty. It’s called, “new,” but like today’s news, there’s nothing really new about it. The left right paradigms are still there, espousing their positions, pointing out the enemies, and sounding the call to action. People are angry because the government hasn’t created jobs so that they can make money so they can buy food, clothes, and pay their mortgages. They’re angry because immigrants are taking what few jobs there are; the government wants to raise taxes, force feed them GMO’s, take away their guns, etc. But mostly, they’re angry because they want back what they once had, what some still have, and what so many never have had – monetary-security or money, which of course, in today’s world is the determinate of just-about everything.

So, what is this New World Order; what’s it all about, who’s behind it, and why are so many so against it? I don’t have these answers, but I do have some common sense observations regarding democracy and the capitalistic economy. Why is it that so many still buy into the idea that human-beings need a super hero, a president, a king or queen to save us? Why is it that we place our trust, our lives and the lives of our children in the hands of but a few, the handsome, the elite, those that for better or worse have at least stood up an made a difference? If I told a group of parents that for the next four years one man was going to determine all major aspects of their lives, and all they had to do was choose candidate A or B, and vote amongst themselves, what would they most likely do? The answer is obvious; they would split into two groups – Democrats and Republicans, waste a lot of time and resources arguing about who was going to be their new savior, voting day would come… And, that’s the scam called Democracy.

Democracy, within the Capitalistic money-system never has worked towards the betterment of “all,” and it never will. How can it? Everyone knows that the real determinate in today’s world is money, which brings me to this ridiculous idea that the Capitalistic “economy” is the cure all for our woes. Why do governments, in the hopes of bettering peoples’ lives always place the economy at the forefront, as though a good economy will solve all our woes? Obviously, too many politicians have spent far too much time being brain-washed by an educational-system which promotes the virtues of Capitalism – greed is good. Common sense tells us that when there is a goal to be obtained such as, the well being of the people and the planet, that goal should be placed at the top of the chart, and everything else, subject to assuring that that goal is met. Thus, as far as the economy goes, we need to reposition it within the hierarchy of that which we focus. Simply put, we need to place “Life” at the top of our priority list. Think about it: as soon as we place life at the top of the pyramid, the economy may be redesigned to support life, as opposed to supporting the game called, Capitalism, which supports only those who desire to have more than you and me, those who fear equality. Once life as a whole is placed at the top, we may begin to see clearly the changes that are needed. All that promote the betterment of all life is acceptable. Anything that is not in line with that which is best for all “life,” is unacceptable.
The New World Order is the same as Old World Order, the few – the elite making decisions for the many. The only way that we’re going to have a real New World Order that benefits all equally is if all stand up and take back the power that we have given to the few. With the money system/s already collapsing around the world (the end-game of Capitalism), we the people have an opportunity to establish a new system, an Equal Money System, as a means of transitioning earth, from a place no equality, to a place of equality.


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