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October 3, 2011

Nature and the Human being_V-

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Today is a special day for one human being and his son. A father thinks he’s going to teach his boy to be a man. What Daddy doesn’t know, is that today’s lesson is just for him.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I am human being and today I’m going to teach my son to be just like me. I’ll cut down a tree and shoot a bird. Then I’ll find some beeees… steal their honey and have that sweeeet stuff all for me.

He’s my Daddy, and someday, I’m going to be just like him. My Daddy says this is our land, and we human beings can do as we please.

Human: (Points to the bird)
Go on son, raise your gun and shoot that bird.

(Son raises his gun and points it at the bird, but he cannot shoot the bird.)

As the boy raises his gun he stops and wonders: “How can it be right to kill something so small, a bird in a nest. One moment it flies so high in the sky; one pull of the trigger, it dies.

Well, go on son. What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger; shoot that gun; it’s only a bird. Who cares if it lives or dies?

I can’t shoot the little bird Daddy. What of her eggs and the chicks that may hatch – how will they be without their mommy? What will they eat? Who will keep them warm, and sing them to sleep?

Human (angry):
Oh my goodness, son. They are only birds, bees and trees.
This is our world. We humans are the kings, and we decide who lives and dies.
Give me that gun! Let a man show you how it’s done!

(Stage): The human takes the gun from the boy, takes aim and gets ready to shoot.

Please don’t shoot me; I’ve done you no harm. I ask only to stay until my eggs have hatched and the little ones can fly. Then we will go far away, and I promise you this – you will never see our little feathers again.

Why should I let you stay? What have you done for me? You’re just a bird in a nest, in a tree that will soon, no longer even be.

What do you mean…? “What have I done for you?” I am part of nature and all that you see.

Not good enough for me, bird! I want more!

(Mother Nature – who before this time was covered in green grass – begins to rise. She stands and uncovers herself.

Mother Nature:
Human being! Put down that gun, I have a message for you and your son! I am Mother Nature, and for thousands of years, the animal kingdom and I have provided you with the air you breathe and food you eat.

Human: (Takes a step back and, in a unbelieving voice)
Who did you say you are?

Mother Nature: (Very loudly)
I… am… Mother… Nature! Now, listen carefully to the birds and the bees, and the trees, who you foolishly think, you do not need.

Human being, I am a tree – the last of my kind. We used to be many, but now we are few. For thousands of years we have waited for you to see that you are one with me. At last, human being, you have still not seen. Hear these words now, from nature and the animal kingdom. Listen to what we say, and change your ways.

Bee #1:
I am a bee, and I support life by carrying pollen from tree to tree. I buzz buzz here and I buzz buzz there. Pollen sticks to my feet; I carry it everywhere. First, you see a flower and then it’s a tree. Finally, there is fruit that we all may eat.

I am a bird, and I too assist the flowers and the trees – sometimes by carrying pollen, but mostly by eating berries and then pooping their seed. In this way, the trees can grow everywhere, so that all may share in the fruits they bear.

Bee #2:
Human being, do you think that we – the birds and bees are just here to sing songs and make honey for you? Oh my dear! Look around you! How many of us do you see? You are killing us, and when we are gone, who will pollinate your pretty flowers and fruit trees. What will you eat?

Hah! I will eat meat – steak, pork, and chicken – of course.

But daddy; what will the cows, pigs and chickens eat?

Uh! Well… That’s a good question, son. I never thought of that.

Human being, look around you at the trees. How many of do you see? The air is not clean because the mountains are not green. Open your eyes and you too will see.

Because of your selfish ways, we birds are dying everywhere. We have spoken and we have cried. We sang the song of life, but you still did not hear. Now, the hour has come, my dear. Change your ways; hear what I say; respect Earth, Nature and the Animal kingdom before it is too late.

Mother Nature:
Human being, the gift of life was yours, but you threw it away. The hour is near. I’m so sorry you did not hear.

He can hear you now. You can hear him daddy. Tell the birds and the bees, and the trees, that it’s not too late for us to change. We can change our ways and we will. It’s not too late. Please Mother Nature; say that it’s not too late.

I did not know; I had no idea. How could I have been so blind? Why could I not hear? Please give us another chance. I promise to be a responsible human being.

Mother Nature (or Bee / Bird):
Human being, the choice is yours. Teach your children to respect all that is here. Honor all life. Take care of us, and we will take care of each other. Earth, Nature, and the Animal kingdom have spoken.


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  1. I love this story and hope that oyou will allow others to use it.

    Comment by Elizabeth La Grua — October 3, 2011 @ 5:25 pm

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