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April 26, 2011

The end of Capitalism

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Jobs, Growth, Prosperity, Trade balances, Money Supply, Gross domestic product, Inflation, Standard of living, and so the list of Capitalistic jargon goes on and on, spewed like raw sewage into the ocean, from the mouths of so called leaders, and into the minds of the masses until – like the ocean, there are those who will take no more – the point has arrived for one to stand or die. The money system or Capitalism, as a system, is in the process of imploding. It is the end-game, and when the game ends, everything of it explodes – that’s how the game works. It may appear as though the most-skilled players are attempting to extend the game, by increasing the money supply, starting another war here and there, or even introducing a so-called new currency. However, these measures and many more like them are simply indicative of an end of the race sprint to the finish. Funny, how so many actually think that they get to keep their winnings – take it with them to the place where there is no substance, the place where money doesn’t buy love and life.
So, what’s next – after Capitalism? First of all, capitalism still has a few more years left to play out. Look for the mass exodus from the US dollar to go public. This will throw most of the world’s economies (especially those that haven’t weened themselves off of the US consumer) into a downward spiral of inflation, unemployment… From there, the World-Bank team of countries (seeking to keep the money system and delay the death of capitalism – a bit longer) shall introduce a new currency, touted as a “world currency”. Other teams, such as the BRIC states will probably also introduce their own currency, and so on. Eventually however, there will be only “One” world currency; which by the way = “One” world government. Unfortunately, while this is all playing out – the fall of the US dollar, food shortages, wars, ecological disasters, etc., there’s going to be much suffering. And although, suffering is nothing new to this world, across-the-board suffering is, and that “equalizing-effect” should serve as a awake up call to all those who thought that they were God’s chosen. In the end, which is also a beginning, the Capitalist system will give way to an Equal money system, and an Equal money system will eventually give way to a “moneyless” or Equality based system. So, hold on to your hats because it may get a bit bit rough.


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