Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

April 11, 2011

Trancending a Time loop or a point

Alright, maybe it’s not a time loop, but it’s definitely a point that perhaps I have or am in the process of transcending. Today, just before going to work, an FB friend sent me a message which said, “hey, no hard feelings. just tired of your destini gibberish.” When I came home from work and was going to reply, I saw that he had already defriended or blocked me from Face Book. As has happened so often in the past, my attack personality immediately stepped forth, ready to put together some really nasty words designed to hurt. But I stopped it – I applied self forgiveness, and instead, I wrote the following email:
Hi —,
I was just going to respond to your message of “hey no hard feelings, I’m just tired of hearing the Desteni gibberish.” I was going to say, cool that there are no hard feelings, because I don’t have any either. I’m in the process of changing myself, and that which I stand for – which obviously is going to include changing the words that I use. For me to expect that I’m still going to be welcome in relationships/groups that I once participated in, would be expecting others to be unconditional. I don’t expect that from others. Anyway, just to be clear (from my perspective) there are no hard feelings, no blame, and no judgments.

Less than a minute after I sent this email, I noticed that I had been unblocked. And then I recalled an email exchange between us that had happened some years ago in which I had sent an email to him (without first seeing a previous email that he had sent to another address). What perused was not dignified and could have been avoided had I just not accepted and allowed self to participate within and as back chat. This time, I recognized the back chat, I stopped or slowed it, I applied self forgiveness, and took self corrective measures.
Time loop, transcendence, or whatever it’s called – I’ll call it progress. Actually, having slept on it, I’m not going to call it progress. I’ll just call it what it is – process within the I Process


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