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March 4, 2011

Regarding the so called “Natural” order of Survival of the Fittest

Regarding the so called “Natural” order of survival of the fittest
Within the current world system – our world within which we as humans interact – there is no “natural” order of survival of the fittest. “Natural” is that which exists here in and as the unconditional expression life. Water is natural – it is here within and as its expression of water. Water has no wants, needs or desires. Break it down into the elements H and O, and we see that its parts/elements are still unconditional expressions without want, need, desire, etc. If we separate an element into individual particles, which (mathematically speaking) can continue infinitely, we see that the particles are the same, yet with different expressions – one particle expressing itself as water, and another expressing itself as oxygen. Do the same thing with the human body for example, or anything that is physical/matter and the results will be the same – everything is comprised of exactly the same material – with the only difference being the expressions of the individual particles. A molecule of oxygen is the combined expression of an infinite number of possible expressions expressing themselves as “one” molecule of oxygen. At the smallest level of that which “exists,” all is in and as, exactly the same material. What is this magical material? Life! What else could it be? Is not a rock at the smallest level, comprised exactly the same material as that of a human being? Thus, I define “natural,” as that of life in and as its most pure expression – pure life essence. And therefore, state that, within and as that which is “natural,” there can be no “survival of the fittest” because the very term – survival – does not exist.

Survival of The Fittest within the current System

Survival of the fittest is a term loosely defined as, the act of not dying (surviving), based on an individual’s level of ability (fitness) to compete against other individuals for the limited resources, necessary to maintain the physical, i.e., keep the heart beating. This is a term that definitely applies to the current world system, and it is one of the very situations that an equality-system addresses. Within the laws of this reality that we as humans are subject to, the world-system is defined by and as the Money system. The money system is the system within which all other systems – religion, government, family, education, etc., are sub-divided. In other words, as far as human beings are concerned, survival of the fittest equals survival of those who have the most money. Money is a currency or medium of exchange with an attached value that varies from one exchange to another. Value (metaphorically speaking) is that of one’s self, which he/she gives up or places onto something/someone that is separate from self. In other words, “value” is life, or more precisely – the suppression of life. The problem with the current money system is that it doesn’t value life – it values money. And considering that all life is equal (Break it down!), shouldn’t a system within which we as life participate be based on (at the very least) life?

The Capitalist system, loosely defined as a game within the money system, within which players seek to control the most resources – calculated in units of money. The resources are all that is in, of and as Earth – including of course, human beings. The game board is shaped like a pyramid, and the more resources that a player controls, the higher he/she rises in the pyramid. As a player’s control of the resources expands, he rises in the pyramid. However, as the pyramid gets smaller at the top (due to limited resources), so to do the number of players, until there is only one – he who controls all the resources below – the Money God.

Sure, within the game of capitalism, education, hard work, intelligence, etc, are all tools that one may benefit from, but they’re just that – tools/assets. And, as a common sense question, would anyone who is self honest, willingly participate within a game in which the starting point of all players is not equal – a game that’s rigged? Honestly speaking, given the choice, i.e., if survival was not an issue, I certainly would not participate in such a game. Furthermore, I’m certain that the two billion or so individuals “surviving” on less than two dollars per day would agree with me and readily vote (had they a voice to vote with) to change the system to that of one based on equality – one that valued life, as opposed to money.
What amazes me is that rather than standing up and supporting equality – at the very least, getting on one’s computer and supporting the process of change by bringing about an awareness of the lack of equality, and realizing that change/equality begins at an individual level but happens at the group level, and is only indeed realized when “all” are in fact equal – there are those “who would rather” maintain the status-quo by playing the game instead of being the change.

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