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January 29, 2011

Considerations of Oneness and Equality

Filed under: Writing out the Mind: 2010-July 2, 2012 — Thomas La Grua @ 1:45 am

Equality and Oneness is the part of the puzzle, if not the puzzle itself. It’s like the old age question of which came first – the chicken, or the egg. The other day, my intestines just decided to stop digesting solid foods. It was a bit painful, but not nearly as bad as that which I’ve experiences before. Anyway, I’m teaching a class of young kids, and there’s this one girl, Linda, who’s just kind of moping around – drawing. So, I ask the other kids, what the matter with Linda. They tell me that she’s unhappy for some reason (that I didn’t really understand). So I say to Linda, “Hey Linda, you think you got problems, I haven’t pooped in 24 hours, how do you think I feel.” I thought it was funny, and got a lot of joking remarks coming from the kids, which I didn’t really understand either – which is fine with me. Towards the end of class, I’m still not feeling too good, I’m sitting in the back while the kids are playing a game on the white board; and one boy walks behind me and just starts banging (hitting) on my back, really hard. It was very painful, but I realized that maybe this would indirectly help get my system going again. Soon, there were 3 or 4 kids all banging on my back. Linda tried to show them how to give a proper back rub, but I guess there was no room for her, so she gave up. After about 3 or 4 minutes, they stopped and went back to their desks. I’m not sure exactly what they did, but I felt better, and later that night, was able to poop. The point that I got out of all this, was that beings supporting each other (or being supported) aren’t necessarily always going to be aware what is going on behind the scenes. By, behind the scenes, I mean, at an unconscious level, the connections we have with each other – that, which together make us one.


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