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January 10, 2011

Talking the Path and Walking the path

Filed under: Writing out the Mind: 2010-July 2, 2012 — Thomas La Grua @ 11:32 pm

Is talking the path the same as walking the path?
I see that within the words talking and walking, the only differences are the “t” and “w”, which leads me to think that they may indeed be very similar. The reason I say this is because I have been talking and talking and talking. But, have I been walking and walking and walking? Yes, I have been walking, but I haven’t been sure where I’m going or how I’m supposed to get there. And, with regards to my talking that I have been directing towards many, it’s been exactly the same – without the understanding of many of the points on which I’ve tried to talk about. In order to talk clearly about something, I need to understand it. To understand it, I need to “stand-under,” or be one with and equal to it. This is why I have not been able to explain so much of what I have studied – I haven’t applied it, lived it, stood as it – one with and equal to it. So there it is. The reason I have been unable to put into words, the where I’m going and the what I’m becoming is because I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know what I’m becoming. It’s like I’m trying to give directions to a place that I have never been. The directions might be right, but I’ll never be certain until I have walked the path there. There4, (cool – accidental typing, but it works) it is 4 me to talk/teach about that which I have walked, am living, and understanding. So, the next time I find myself uncertain about what I am trying to teach, I will consider that perhaps, it is because I have not yet lived the words I am trying to speak.


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