Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

September 15, 2010

Equal Life = Equal Responsibility: Part 1

Filed under: Writing out the Mind: 2010-July 2, 2012 — Thomas La Grua @ 12:45 pm

There has within me, awakened, the beginnings of clarity. I am speaking of the clarification of the insanity that is our world. My insight or revelation came to me while doing academic studies in the field of International Law. In looking for an interesting thesis-topic or problem that required a solution, I concluded – as have many before me – that the biggest problem facing Earth, Human beings, and Nature; was (is) Human beings. Specifically, we humans are as a virus that destroys kills and consumes anything and everything including ourselves. As far as choosing thesis topic, I considered this not only to be an eye-opener, but also a positive start, and began the process of assigning blame, i.e., determining which government official(s) were/are responsible for leading us into this situation. After some more thousands of hours researching academic sources, conspiracy theorists, historians, presidents, etc., I was left with the simple undeniable fact that, we as individuals, had no one to blame, but ourselves. For, we as human beings have abdicated our responsibility to individually, as part of a group or the whole, direct and oversee the outcome of events. Instead, we have accepted and allowed others, the few – the politicians, corporations, think tanks, etc. – to make decisions for the many. Unfortunately, within this abdicating of our responsibility, by and through accepting and allowing others to direct, we have arguably, brought our world to the brink of destruction.

To be Continued


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