Thomas La Grua's Journey to Awakening

September 9, 2010


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There are three main characters and a community of people/beings. These beings living up in the mountains look like ordinary people but they act and are dress like “hillbillies.” When I arrive at this mountain community, I am introduced to 2 men and a woman. The woman has this cool blue-green shape shifting car/vehicle that she seems to stand on as though it’s part of her. The one man whose face I can see, is handsome and drives a cool red jeep without a top on it – the exact kind that of jeep that I used to own. As for the second man, I can’t really see or make out his characteristics – but he’s there and he’s a little overweight and I picture him wearing kaki shorts and shirt – the kind one goes hiking with in the mountains. For some reason, I know that the females in the village are very promiscuous – perhaps, it’s their mannerisms. However, except for the three of us in the jeep, I don’t recall seeing any other males.

The two men and I get in the Jeep, the handsome one driving, and the one who is just there but I can’t really see is sitting in the back with me. It’s seems that the driver has just acquired this Jeep because he’s kind of like, breaking it in. We go over some wild terrain and then up a very steep and narrow incline. At this point, I say to the driver, “This is where you need to put it in four-wheel-drive, low.” He does, and I’m a little concerned about whether the jeep has enough power to handle this accent. Then, I see a cable at the floor of the jeep, going from front to rear, straining at first, then pulling forward – pulling the engine and the entire jeep to hold it together. We are going along a dirt road. The road ends suddenly and the jeep goes over the side of the mountain. As we’re falling – flying through the air, I jump out of the jeep. As my forward momentum carries me down and over the mountain side, I am able to slow my momentum by going into these huge, what look white giant packages of mozzarella cheese (that the community had discarded over the side of the mountain side because of their expiry dates). I manage to catch myself, but I’m in a very precarious position and likely to fall. I yell for help, and driver rescues me by throwing me a rope and pulling me up using the jeep’s winch. As I get to the top, I have to quickly remove the rope from under my arm and around my neck, so as not to get pulled into the jeep and crushed.

Towards the end of the dream, I again see the woman and her shape shifting vehicle. She is getting ready to leave the community. However, I – like this girl and she likes me, so we go off for the evening. The next day, this woman whose skin is beginning to look stranger, comes into the picture again. Now I notice something about her skin. It’s translucent, almost as if she’s wearing a fleshy plastic body suit that’s not adjusted correctly. Then, a man comes and says to her that she needs to tell him/me the truth. And with that, he pulls down the upper part of her flesh body suit to reveal (the first thing that comes to mind) a lizard woman. She has a small well semi-defined smooth dark green face. Her eyes are only sockets, and when I look into them I see black emptiness – except for a white formless mass of light floating somewhere in the black emptiness. Where her nose would be, there is also only a cavity, and her mouth (also a cavity) without lips is small and round and does not look as though it is designed to move. Looking into the nose and mouth cavities, I see the same black emptiness. I realize that all of the beings in the community are like her. I turns out that I, and the lizard woman don’t care about each other’s differences, and we decide to stay together. In the next scene, I am moving along the side of the mountain – perhaps, I am leaving. I look up and see a group of villagers prancing around, giggling as they push this device – it looks like an upside-down lunar landing module with rockets – into a hole that goes very deep into the Earth. The villagers then, laughingly scoot away from the hole and wait for the device to blow up.  The last thing that I remember before waking up was that man named Walker who had just passed on had lived there, and that he had lived to 120. Then, I was awake with the dream fresh, and I know that I had to write it down.


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