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July 21, 2010

The Dream July 21 2010

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The Dream July 21 2010

It started – at least where I can remember – I or we were traveling in another country. We were at some public place and I really wanted to take a shower – I guess I was dirty. There were many showers but from each one that I went to, I couldn’t get the water to come out enough to clean myself. I think I/we had a maid with us. The main point that I remember here is that I had brought some T-shirts along with me, and the maid had taken one or two and was going to sell them for herself. I wanted or intended to prevent this because I didn’t want anyone stealing from me and perhaps I needed a clean shirt. In the next scene, I was walking through some crowded markets. There were a lot of people around me and I noticed that some were trying to steal my wallet. I started moving away, looking for a way out of there when I realized that someone had sliced the bottom of my back pocket where my wallet was; however, the wallet was still wedged in there. I grabbed my wallet in my hand and started moving away from there very quickly. Soon, a large group of young men started chasing me. In the dream, I thought to myself that I probably made more in an hour than one on them made in a month – but I still wasn’t willing to give up my money. As the men began to catch up with me, realized that they had razor blades in their hands. As the first one attacked, I took his razor blade and I noticed that it was one of those very thin old style double edged ones. I slashed his face. The blade was dull so it do as much damage as I was trying to do, and each time I struck someone with it, it seemed to do less damage. More started coming at me and I realized that I would have to stand and fight them all. I also realized that I could have just given them my money, but that would have mean defeat, and I wasn’t going to allow/accept someone to from me what was mine. That’s where I woke up and I realized that my left eye was in a lot of pain – an injury or scar from an injury – that seems to cause pain when my eyes are very dry.


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