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July 6, 2010

My First Blog – The porpuse

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6 July 2010, Taiwan
My first Blog
The reason that I’ve set up this blog is to begin “writing myself to freedom.” What does writing myself to freedom mean? The idea is to, in writing, pull out everything – thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc., = memories/moments of and from which I have designed myself of and as a mind consciousness system. In pulling out these memories/moments and placing them before me + doing self forgiveness, I will be in essence standing one and equal to them, and in doing so will no longer give to them my power to direct myself. Instead, I will begin to stand in equality with and as life as the self directed principle.
Where do I begin? How about the Present?
SRAT (Structural Resonance Alignment Training)
I’ve begun a course on Structural Resonance Alignment Training, through
Desteni is a group of “beings” who are striving to bring humanity and the world – all of existence to a level of equality. One of their basic premises (with which I agree completely) is that we as “human beings” are not and have never experienced ourselves as life, but rather as preprogrammed mind consciousness systems.


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