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July 6, 2010

Another Sunday Party

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5 July 2010

I ended up having (another) party/barbecue at my/our house last Sunday. As usual, Apple, my wife was a little ticked off. She and I don’t really communicate that much, and when we do, it’s often more to point out things that need to be done or faults in each other, etc. These weekend afternoon and sometimes evening-parties are kind of a regular thing with me and my friends/acquaintances. I prefer to call them acquaintances or drinking buddies because I don’t like the connotations that are associated with the word friendship – and I’ll leave it at that for now – however, I’ll use the word “friend” within my definition of it – acquaintance or drinking buddy. The party got started around 1:00 pm. Jerry brought over an inflatable swimming for his kids. We sat inside and outside, drank beer and talked. I spent most of my time cleaning. One of the reasons I have these parties is because I want to communicate with others. Another reason is because our house is a great place to have parties. My logic is – why should we have such a cool/expensive house, and not use it. The funny/strange thing is I realized that I have so much more than so many others, and I don’t see where I did anything to deserve it. But, why not use it and share it? I know that I’m rambling a bit; but perhaps in this rambling, I’ll find points.

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