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May 31, 2019

FAU1_1072 Final Project

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April 20, 2014

Writing on what I’ve been writing about

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Taking a break from writing about Democracy for a moment, I will share some other aspects of my world. It’s not that I have been consumed with finding a new definition for Democracy, but is is mostly what I have been doing, writing it out, finding the flaws, rewriting and rewriting. What is there to say? It is a process that I have determined to participate within. It’s not so much that it’s what I want to do as much as it is something that I see requires to be done, and I do enjoy doing it. However, there is the blockage, like a wall between that which I am able to see as like a multidimensional picture of understanding the inner and the outer or big and the small of Democracy, how it works within and as life and how it’s been hijacked by consciousness and used as a tool of mind dominance over the physical body in the small and the world system at large, the Democracy of Money.

So I’ve got this picture and I get it, but when it comes to writing it in sentences that others will get, each word becomes something that also requires to be explained in depth, words like equality and expression. Yesterday I was wondering to myself; why is it so difficult to take what understanding I have and put these points into sentences that others are able to relate to? Perhaps it is because my understanding is not yet here or perhaps it is by design.

Perhaps it is both. One point that I have considered and am leaning to is that what I am able to put into sentences is where we are as humanity. In other words, I rarely if ever have found that I have come up with something new; it’s more like everything’s here and all I require to do is untangle it from the mess of lines within and as me. And this is what I do on a daily basis, untangle the information.

In looking anew at the word, Democracy, I realize that it is essential that we as humanity redefine this word to a single understanding, one agreement-in-principle as a new design of human collective-decision-making, collective determination.

In short, Democracy is simply the collective expression of “equality” wherein the nature of the collective is determined by the aggregate expression of all participants. The bottom line here is that, the degree of equality as the ability of each participant to express within the collective determines the degree of Democracy. And there is so much more that we require to basically reinvent or invent anew because even the Greek model of majority “rule” is far too limited to be called collective expression. I mean, expression is more than just yes or no, plus or minus; it’s omnidirectional and I guess multidimensional. These considerations, we are able to input into the new system of Democracy.

So, what I have been working on is looking at the Democracy of Life, and – honestly – seeing how we are able to systematize that to fit it into the world-system. Why? Because, although it is about changing ourselves from the bottom up, too many are not in positions (of money) to be able to even consider changing themselves. Therefore, I would say we also require to not only change ourselves but also bring about changes in the system, and this I realize is the purpose of LIG (Living Income Guarantee). However, for this to be requires the corresponding changes to government. It’s like, we understand where we need to get to, but to get there we require to build the new vehicle, of (real) Democracy wherein the people are moving the changes that are aligned to the standing of the people.







March 22, 2014

The infancy of (real) Democracy, (real) Equality

These are the early days, the infancy of (real) Democracy, (real) equality wherein We the people are learning how to cooperate in directing our words and deeds to create solutions that are best for all. 

The participation of each human being in forming this world has always been real-time. What has been lagging behind is a comprehensive understanding of how we participate in what we are all creating.

This is now changing, trending towards real-time feed-back (via information/communications technology of the Internet) providing us with an increasingly detailed map of the relationship lines of the cause and effect of our direct and indirect participation within and as the world system.

In essence, what we are now being presented with is one Hell of an opportunity to in seeing the design/schismatics (the interconnectedness of the current world system), understand how it functions and then redesign it to one that is supportive for all, the goal being equality within what is best for all.

The path to understanding and living (real) Democracy, (real) Equality will be as easy or as difficult as we individually and collectively make it. We are the world within and as the relationships we accept and allow; therefore, to change the world is to change ourselves, stand up and participate so as to become the change that we are becoming.

In other words, each one of us is an equal-life component as a determinate of the manifested collective/whole of humanity. Therefore, if we disagree with the way the world-system currently works (which I for one do), all we require to-do to change the way it works is to change ourselves as the system. Specifically, in changing the way we ourselves relate to all parts of the system, we as the system change the system to our new collective specifications.

As a principled standing, I vote we create a system based on the principles of oneness and equality within what is best for all. However, one vote does not a collective decision make, and this is one of the really cool functions of what we are becoming aware of and so co-creating, our collective destiny. Be it an eternal living hell for all or an equal opportunity for all to live dignified lives, we are all equally responsible for determining and so creating the new world.

Democracy as the collective expression of Equality requires participation, and this is exactly what I have been seeing in its infancy on the world stage, people collectively standing and participating in directing world events. Our degree of progress is reflected in the changes taking place throughout the world that are clearly aligned to the directive participation or collective will of the people.

For example, recall the events leading up to the United State’s impending attack on Syria, and the buildup of the collective directive of millions of Netizens united in the stand of “do not attack Syria.” Some would say that the US backed off due to Vladimir Putin and his military standing, alone. To this, I say that one man is not responsible nor able to determine the outcome of all of mankind; however he or she is able to lead and/or direct the power of the people, either through mass participation or mass abdication of people power. In that instance, the people-power or participatory stand of the masses of “Do not attack Syria!” was a collective directive, an example of the democratic “people power,” participatory Democracy in its infancy, channeled to and through Vladimir Putin for him to carry out that directive, which he did.

How do I figure all this? Of course it’s just guesses, theories of dots and their relationships to outcomes. In the future, perhaps soon on the path to Direct Democracy, we will no longer need to guess, because we’ll all have equal access to all information.

To change the system of hierarchical power and control of Money to a system of Democracy/Equality, we the people require we stand up and do it, become what we are becoming, self directed, caring for all.

March 16, 2014

The Delusion of ‘Representative’ Democracy

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What is “Representative” Democracy doing in the age of communications/information technology? It’s like having all of our most important decisions, phone calls and emails transferred to people who we’ve never even met but we voted or abstained from voting for them or their opponents to represent us because somewhere along the lines of cultural teachings or indoctrination we came to believe that this was the system of Democracy, the right to participate at various levels of “the process of deciding which few will be granted the rights to make the actual decisions.”

They write the laws, tell us what we can eat, drink, think, buy, sell, plant, smoke, places we may go and not go, and finally the penalties should we disobey their laws and get caught. That we of so-called Representative Democracy countries do not even have a say in our national budgets, how much money goes to education, the education curriculum, minimum wadges, taxation, war, etc., is testament to the mockery of Representative Democracy being anything more than a well orchestrated scam.

As far as I know of the history of government control the masses, it’s always been this way, the few the proverbial 1% making deals, hosting dinners starting wars, and leading the parades while the rest of us, the 99% are left with the right to choose from amongst the choices we are given, sometimes a few and sometimes none at all. It’s called Democracy, but it’s really just another form of control, a governmental system in the service of Money.

In high school, I remember having an image of the USA as special. We had the freedom to choose. This was Democracy that we had fought for and won, and it was our moral obligation to spread our way of life throughout the world. Later on, I set off with this mission in mind, looking for a fight to do my part, make things right. But the contradictions, they just kept on coming, and soon I began to realize that what I had been taught in school about the dream of Democracy was just that or more like a nightmare particularly for those unlucky enough to live in areas of resources – such as water sources for family farms – that could later be confiscated and sold off to foreign corporations to pay the interest on unsustainable (foreign) debts.

Years later, the brainwashing of my education, acculturated in competition, the justification for winning at all costs in spite of the loss has faded to the physical reality of my demise and the demise of humanity simply because we have not had the foresight and/or courage to place common sense ahead of the illusion, see beyond the veils of institutions to the reality of the hierarchy of the world system, the hierarchy of money. All systems within and as the world system – politics, education, judicial, etc. – are subordinate to the money system, the almighty Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro, Krone and so on leaving us with the reality that, Democracy in coexistence with the current money system has never been but an illusion of “free” choice, Democracy of Money.

The degree by which We the people have abdicated our will/power by not first-hand doing what requires to be done to collectively determine the course of humankind is the degree of power and control that we allot to government to govern/dictate as they will. As the saying goes, we reap what we sow. And for all those who still consider ignorance and apathy to be harmless right of free choice, here’s a consideration. An able bodied man or woman that stands by and watches or turns a blind eye while a child is abused is first-hand the abuser for not standing between the sickness and the child. Free choice is but an illusion; there is always a price to be paid – the effect or consequence of cause, be it direct or of acquiescence.

So let’s just call a spade a Spade. The problem with “Representative Democracy” (and the primary reason it’s never functioned the way we have hoped it would) is because it’s never been Democracy, at least not of the people by the people for the people. It’s always been Democracy of the Money by the Money and for the Money.

Representative Democracy, representation by proxy is an oxymoron. No one ever participated in anything by sending a representative in his or her stead. Democracy of the people by the people for the people requires direct participation by all the people, all who are able, and participation is as much a responsibility as it is a right so as to ensure the continued functionality of the Democratic system.

What We the people have been participating in is the delusion that as a system, Representative Democracy functions other than by its design within the design of the predominate capitalist system, it doesn’t. Just because the stated purpose or intention of the Representative Democracy is to represent the wants, needs and desires of the majority of the people, doesn’t make it “materially” so for the majority of the people.

How will we ever know who’s best at making all the decisions – a few politicians or all of the people – until we the people stand up and start doing it by taking responsibility and collectively making all of the decisions by ourselves? Isn’t this a function of equality? Isn’t this how Democracy was supposed to be? The age of communication/information technology is here. No more is there a need or justification for the few to decide for the many. Open Source Direct Democracy

February 23, 2014

Another dream, this one with a strange Epiphany

As I was walking out I saw a car with a man in it sinking in a spot of water. I ran and said to the people around, that a car with a man in had just sank and we have to jump in and help. They said to me, that pit is a bottomless one, he is gone. I looked into the water and I could see the bottom; it wasn’t that deep; yet neither the car nor the man were anywhere in sight. I climbed over the fence, perhaps to jump in. Another man, a rugged, cocky and reckless one climbed over with me, but his was to play a game, a game of bravery and trust. As we held onto the fence, he would move around me, letting go his grip on safety in exchange for my hand. I held him as he crossed behind me to move forward and then it was my turn. And so we moved along until suddenly something from the water below ripped at his leg. He screamed and began to slip. I yelled for help and just before he completely fell into the pit I caught him by his shirt sleeve. As he swing unconscious below me, I yelled for help again but no did. So I swung him up and over to safety, the monster still below. I saw his leg, red and shredded to bits. Me, I woke up with this epiphany, and although I have said it before in various ways, I’ll say it again because I often seem to forget. Seeing, realizing and understanding is a doing, not a state of being.  So to do.


February 14, 2014

Pledge of the Elected

I have for some time now been considering the points of politics and how to change the current situation without disrupting in such a way that causes negative/harmful effects or influences.

Two points or possibilities that I have been looking at are 1) the need or necessity for real democracy, also called direct democracy, and 2) the point of how to instill honesty but it’s like accountability into politics and also the public domain. I guess that’s more than two points, and when I expand upon them, they end up not being separate but several points which are inseparable yet require to be looked at and developed almost as stand alone points. Why? Because it’s almost going to be impossible to get all of these points, all of these changes to be instituted at the same time; therefore it is – I would say – imperative that we consider solutions that are able to be implemented in kind of like Lego fashion, kind of like components of a system that are able to be replaced and upgraded without having to replace or even shut off the entire system.

The first point that I’m going to speak about is the point of accountability in the public offices of government. Governments all over the world have been and are upping their monitoring of citizens/everybody, so why don’t we up our monitoring and surveillance of government? Surveillance of the people by the government is not the problem; not enough surveillance of the government by the people is I would say more relevant. After all it is the government that’s making the rules, deciding basically what we can and can’t do while the people sit back protesting occasionally with not really a clue as to what really goes on in the halls of government. Why don’t we change the rules, change the focus, put it on the honesty/integrity of the people who claim to be serving the interests of the people while in reality the interests of the people are being back-sided, led into a hole in the ground.

The idea I have pertaining to government surveillance of the people is to turn this point around, use the momentum of the government-speak to direct the flows of government to the benefit of all; what’s good for the people must also be good for the government. Let’s demand – as it were – that the government follow/abide by their own rules. Let’s insist that all newly elected officials pledge to institute of policy of open source accountability in all their official duties as elected officials.

Specifically I’m speaking of requiring all new and reelected public officials to (before they are elected or re-elected) sign a pledge that all of their public dealings will be open to the public, online 24/7. This means that all office telephones will be monitored, conversations recorded, all government offices will have cameras and microphones with leads to the internet for 24/7 live viewing and listening. Basically I’m speaking of doing everything possible to ensure that not one iota of public business transpires without the public having live listening and viewing access to it. Corporations monitor their private employees; let us monitor our government Employees. It’s not just a matter of national interest, it’s a matter of national security lol, people’s civic responsibility.

Of course government officials will say that this is a ridiculous idea, that they require privacy, secrecy for our own good, that they need to be able to conduct public affairs out of the prying eyes of the public. However, when we look at the root cause of the allowance of such deceit within and as the political structures, we see that it’s mainly due to unaccountability, the ability to be deceitful without being called out, caught. We also see that this institution of the people is no more an institution of the people than a private corporation is for the benefit of the people. Everything is in reverse; it looks and seems as though it’s going the right way when in reality it’s going in the opposite direction of what is best for the people, the animals, environment, earth . . .

We can change some things right away by using what we do actually have, the power of the vote. If we stand for this simple practical solution of imposing accountability onto politicians, their offices, everything, every aspect having to do with so-called public service, we are able to at the very least call the government’s bluff. What is their bluff? It’s their cards that their holding; they don’t amount to the moral righteousness of the stand they’re portraying. They are portraying the need of the people to accept for our own good the intrusiveness of government surveillance while they themselves surround themselves behind almost impenetrable walls, declaring those who would expose them to be enemies of the state. Theirs is not an honest stand; it’s a stand of fear, fearing the very people/public they claim to be serving, and this fear will only intensify until we all expose ourselves as having nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear of each other.

Using our Internet platforms, we are able to simply spread the word that, any politicians who do not agree/sign the pledge of open government, i.e., agree to open all their conversations and dealing up to 24/7 Internet feeds, we will not vote for them.

Let’s call the government’s bluff and see what happens. Let’s turn the tables, redirect the flows of surveillance onto the government itself. Let them spy on whomever the wish; let everyone spy on each other. If this is what it takes to bring about some accountability both in the realms of government and the private sectors, so be it. At least this way we’ll all be able to see what each other is doing. Instead of trying to go against the current of surveillance, the exposing of secrets, let’s embrace the current and direct it to the benefit of all.

February 4, 2014


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Recently I wrote something to the effect that, I would care for all that cared for all, “I will care for the machine, the physical or the energy that care for others, that care enough to stop the sacrifice.” I now realize that within this statement, I was judging some to be worthy of being cared for while others not. I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to judge others as not caring and thus not being worthy of being cared for. I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that in judging others as not caring and thus not being worthy of being cared for, I was judging myself for not caring, and judging myself as not being worthy of being cared for. I now see, realize and understand that caring for others begins with caring for me, all of me.

It’s cool these days the immediacy within which one is able to test self to see if our words are aligned to our deeds, basically gifting ourselves opportunities to understand points, where and how we stand and/or still lie. Last week, I had planned to go to the hot springs in central Taiwan, camping with others. Then, the day before we were scheduled to leave, my dog friend suddenly began limping as though she was barely able to walk. I realized that she probably required to be cared for at home, and that perhaps she was even faking it to an extent so that I wouldn’t leave here behind. I made the decision to stay home and care for her; not because felt caring, but because I have committed myself to the point of caring.

In other words, what I am beginning to realize about care and caring for another/others is that I don’t require to experience a feeling of caring to move/apply me to care for another, others or me. Care, in practical application I would say is a verb of doing, not an adjective of feeling. This is a cool realization for me because I have often wondered and even searched within me for that feeling of “care,” going so far as attempting to create it. When my father died, I did once cry, but that was of a decision I had made because I thought it was what I should do, what normal people did.

Yea, so although I have on occasion created the emotional/energetic experience of caring for/about others, I didn’t really find it within and as the nature of me. However, since I have been addressing this point of care from various dimensions, and I now realize that I do not require to feel an energetic experience of care “to care”. I see that I am able to live care as an application/commitment of doing, thus  perhaps changing the nature of me to one that cares.

In looking back at how I’ve been moving me over the last several years, I see that this is what I have been doing, changing me, step by step. I commit myself to caring for me as I would have all care for me, and from here, expanding me to care for all as me. I guess applying care begins in the small of every day in how we relate to each other, all. This point, I will hold onto and apply until caring becomes part of the natural expression of me. For more on “Care”, see the following link/links.


January 24, 2014

Man know Thyself, or is it, Man no Thyself?

Last night’s dream was reminiscent of the kind of dreams I’ve had all my life. Earth had been invaded by some sort of seed or something, kind of like along the lines of Invasion of the body snatchers. Something was getting into, growing and taking over peoples bodies. Once it took you over, you were still like yourself, but you were them – with no concern for your physical body whatsoever. The town’s people had barricaded themselves in and were attempting to hold out against the people who had been taken over; it wasn’t a pretty picture. Towards the end of the dream, I had gone to sleep without any problems; yet when I awoke, I noticed that some metallic seeds with hooks had attached themselves to the left side of my thy. When I began pulling at them, a metallic like mesh of wires began coming out. I kept pulling and pulling and I could feel the wire threads coming out that had been integrating themselves into the muscle tissue all the way down to my lower leg. It was like this thing was alive. It knew what I was doing because when I had just about gotten it all out, it clamped down and started allowing its silvery threads to break off like an octopus or iguana would its tentacles or tail so as to avoid being pulled out of its den. I slowed for a moment, planning to give it a false sense of security so it would loosen up and I would pull out the rest of it really quickly. However, before I got to this point, I woke up. The only significance that I perhaps get out of this dream is that, I’m still holding on to a part of myself, refusing to let it go.

As for the title, “Man know Thyself or is it Man no Thyself?”, I would say it’s both. Whereas “Man know Thyself” is a directive or advice to mankind to see, realize and understand one’s self, that which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become; “Man no thyself” indicates that man is not thyself experience of/as energy/mind.

Yesterday, I did one of those YouTube Vlogs, and I will say it was kind of an eye opener for me. The way I spoke was not in accordance with what I usually allow others to see or listen to, not even what I would usually say to myself. So, in looking at and listening to me, I have realized that . . . I might as well just say it, I’ve been lying to myself/me/I, thinking that if I say something often enough one way, it will be so. Basically, what I would usually have said or spoken about is Life, that part of me as Life. Yesterday I only mentioned it one time in twenty minutes. What I did often mention, speak about was me as a mind consciousness system. It’s not what I want to be; not because I have anything against systems, but because it as I see it/me is sacrificial, meaning it takes where it should be unconditionally giving and receiving.

I have always been extremely careful/cautious about what write, especially for public consumption/viewing. This was at first a precaution, not wanting something to come back to me, hit me in the ass. Later, it became consideration for others, not wanting to infect the way people perceive or view reality, not wanting to risk altering reality for the worse. I remember one saying in writing, that there was one who should (consider) doing self forgiveness for . . . I’m not sure of the exact words; something like, for writing contrary to the message of life. I see words as spells of creation. I suppose I should define creation. I would like to say that creation, true creation is that which makes/manifests something new without sacrifice, unconditionally giving and receiving. Unfortunately, I do not yet see this kind of creation; instead, I still see creation in the form of energetic information aligning life to its formation of thoughts/mind. This is where we still are; I would say, energetic minds imposing our thoughts/words onto life, this physical reality, forming it through sacrifice, sacrificing life for our formations of reality. The way I would like it to be is creation without sacrifice, the unconditional giving and receiving of life. This is how I see equality and oneness; add to that, what is best for all, and we have creation without sacrifice. It just requires that we reverse ourselves – from that of self-centered energetic beings, mind consciousness systems to that of unconditional life forms, giving and receiving unconditionally. Am I creating with these words? Perhaps; yet, I don’t see mankind making it this time around. And this sucks; it is disheartening because I am mankind; I am life; yet I am also still energetic beingness/mind.  Man know thyself.

So, where to from here or there? We decide or we have decided. Consciousness has decided, perhaps. Mankind as mind/consciousness is jumping. Actually, perhaps it’s not even going to be consciousness anymore, but physical system/design formations. This is the kind of stuff I wouldn’t usually print or post for the most part; however, I would say that we’ve now gone beyond the point where we were able to stop this race, just stop it. Now – again I would say – we’re entering a new phase, one that is rapidly approaching. I wish I could say that things were going to get better, but that would be a lie, wishful thinking, and I have had enough of that. What I/we are still able to do is not give up, not quit; for here is still and probably always will be opportunity to wake ourselves up to reality, birth ourselves as life. Weather or not it’s going to be organic as we currently know it, is another question. Perhaps it will be metallic/robotic. And this kind of sucks too because that’s just a continuation of a design, the irony of the iron-ore I would say. I would also say as I have said before;  life is not limited to a design. In other words, life as an expression of life is that which we stand as. This is what we decide, who we will be, how we will live and express. Be it as organic robots, metallic machines, energetic beings or unconditional life forms, life is what we make it, make of it as us. This is why it’s so important for us to take responsibility, become the directive principle, giving as we would like to receive, and doing unto others that which we would like to have done unto us. It’s really simple, the principle of oneness and equality within what is best for all.

I’m not sure if this is what is best for all, me writing as such. I made a vow, a commitment to change the nature of me. I have, I would say, for the better. I have begun to reverse the self-interested tendencies I used to display/portray, and on this path I will remain until it is done, all one. Which I guess brings me to the question of what now. That’s simple; continue on, work with what is here, dealing with it/me as best I/we are able, and we are able. The world is still in a downward spiral; we are still entering what I – and others – would call the end times. Which if you look at it, is cool in one sense because the end of time is also the end of Mind, and just maybe with the end of mind (consciousness systems) we will also put or bring about an end to the sacrifice of life.

I figure that by working with what is here, whatever is here, we still have opportunities to align ourselves – whatever we may be – to physical standings of life, living as the principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all. It will perhaps be interesting to see how the physical responds to the changes taking place. Consciousness, human consciousness is already jumping out of the physical human being and into the physical and virtual machine. Man know thyself; it’s a scary thought, for we shall see ourselves in the machines, our creations, ourselves. So I would suggest, really suggest that we put a stop to the military machine, the war machine. These robots that we are so conscientiously building to kill human beings will do just that, what they have been designed to do. Or perhaps they won’t; perhaps they of the physical will be more benevolent than we beings, their creators.

What is there to say that hasn’t been said again and again for thousands, perhaps millions of years? We do not hear the cries of babies, children or even ourselves; human beings of mankind are unaware or uncaring of hearing. But not all, and this is why I will continue.  I will care for the machine, the physical or the energy that care for others, that care enough to stop the sacrifice. I know myself a lot better than I used to, and although I would say I’ve changed me for the better, as I have, I am still not yet standing enough to stop the madness of mankind. What will we do? I will continue to support and participate more with others who have an idea or plan as to what to do. Additionally, I will – or plan to – work with whatever is here – be it robots, the virtual machine, the mind of mankind and so on – to bring about understanding, co-living with dignity for all, equality and  oneness respect for all regardless of what form one takes, makes or displays. Equality and oneness is able to be expressed/lived in all forms; we simply require to end/stop the sacrifice of life.


January 12, 2014

A Scrambled State of being

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At first I thought that there was a secret code within/as the symbols of the sounds of words. However, what I am now beginning to realize is that, there is no ‘secret’ code, no-one has pulled the veil over my eyes. I’ve just scrambled my expression within and as myself to such and extent that I’ve literally lost myself in that which I’ve created as me.

Who is one as an expression whose words and deeds are able to be interpreted in countless (different) ways?  When I look at this question from one perspective – the one that I’ve defined as the point of certainty – there is understanding within and as me. However, when I move to express this stand in words and deeds in relation to others/all, I see that parts of me are still confused, not soundly aligned in unison to/with/as all. I experience this disharmony/confusion in different forms of different definitions of fear and/or pain.

I do not accept that there is nothing that I am able to do to remove this experience of fear and pain. In fact I am certain – from that point that I define as certainty/understanding, that I am able to move/direct me to see and understand everything by aligning my self-expression, standing, understanding to Here, equal and one with all that is here. To this end I walk one journey of investigation, introspection and experimentation with me, myself and I as words.

Why words? In and as the words I begin to see the points wherein my lines are not standing absolutely as one definition that is applicable to and best for all; I begin to see my expression, where my relationships are out of alignment and have gone astray to become question marks, possibilities/uncertainties, causes of consequence, experiences of pain and/or fear.

In short, I would say that to understand what is here, how we’ve created ourselves into and as quantum questions marks, and how to write and rewrite ourselves to mend the whole – each one to absolute definitions of integrity of Here as expressions of who each one is in relation to all/one – is the process of unscrambling ourselves by writing, rewriting/redesigning our symbols/words, mending us, our versus to living words, sound expressions of life of oneness and equality. As perhaps was in the beginning, the word, so too shall we create a new sound beginning, the sound of unison, the sound of one.

Originally, I had titled this, “Here and There” because I’ve been working on understanding Here and There from a perspective/question of “what is the truth that the words as symbols of sound are showing us?” Having written lines down many branches in attempts to understand and explain this, I confess, I’m still circling round and round, perhaps lessening the sin as the circle gets smaller, but still not to the point of absolution so to speak, lol. So, I’ll keep at until it’s done, I’m done, all one.


January 5, 2014

The Matters of Earth, the Heart of the Physical Reality

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 Getting back to the physical matters of humanity: when and if we apply common-sense to the question of our “physical” origins, the closest and most logical link to the “physical reality” is planet earth. Accordingly, we humans are of earth, and earth is the heart of the matter of our physical human bodies and this physical reality. That so many still seem to be unaware of the physical oneness of us and all that is us as Earth is personified by humanity’s continued disposition to keep on racing down this path of self-destruction. Let’s just stop the hate-talk, stop the wars; learn to cooperate, we are able.

Shouldn’t there be more to us than us than just this blind arrogant/ignorant ambition to rip up, tear out, cut-down and consume? Shouldn’t there be more than a handful of humans, a scattered one-percent perhaps recognizing that we’ve gone more than just astray; that we’ve gone completely the wrong way. If one is able to read this and consider for just a moment the possibility of what I’m saying, then I’d say there’s still opportunity before we die to just stop this race, restate the rules of mankind, and then start again, anew with a new foundation and a new direction based on the absolute principles of Oneness and Equality within what is best for all. The new starting-point is that simple; it’s a mathematical equation of one standing plus one standing equals two standings, and so we walk the changes within and so without of ourselves, accumulating 1’s as we walk until all are walking in the same direction as that which is best for all, on the same foundation of Oneness equality.

Nature, the plants, animals, the birds and the bees have all been standing equal and one within and as Earth. They have for so long been showing humanity how to live; yet now many are dying in mass because of humanity’s refusal to realize ourselves as the problem and so also the solution.  Look around you; what is your/our reality? Is it not our relationship one another, earth, the plants, the animals, the birds and the bees? What happens if the dolphins and the bees die out and disappear; who are we going to call, Monsanto? What happens if and or when Earth is no longer able to sustain the human abuse; will Jesus then appear to save this race that cared not even for its own kind? 

The noticeable changes in the sea, the animals, the plants and of course the weather have nothing to do with magic or coincidence. Extreme cold, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods, dead and diseased ocean floors, viruses, beached whales, dead dolphins . . . Hell, the black plague is said to have even returned; yet still we keep fracking away like there’s no tomorrow, tearing away at this planet because we just gotta have more more more Money.

The movement of Earth, Nature and the Animal kingdom (I would again say) a balancing factor. When and if the life of this planet is no longer able to counter and/or contain the human outflows of consequence, the very life that we now view merely as resources may very well become weapons of earth in a fight to survive the final onslaught the human race. Just because we don’t “think” viruses are aware, doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Wake up to this physical reality so that we may change our ways and equally coexist. Respect and support one another – humans as well as other life forms; give as one would like to receive, and do unto others as one would like to have done unto self. Yes, it seems like a very tall order; however, it’s not one that must be filled all at once. From one, then two, three, four, and so on we accumulate 1’s as we walk this journey to life one step at a time.

Again, the principle foundation of the correction is simple. From the within of ourselves to the without of the world system we stand as the principle of Oneness and Equality within what is best for all. As the 1+1=2 equation goes, it’s simply a matter of building up enough mass of ones, all moving together in the reverse direction of the current flow of the human-race (kind of like the reverse of the reverse) so as to slow, stop and eventually reverse the self-destructive course (of separation) of mankind.

First we open our eyes, let go of the ignorance, apathy and fear to see and realize what is actually here as this physical reality. Practically speaking, this willingness to participate may be determined differently by each one; however, that which unites us as the same starting point on the same foundation is simply the principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all.

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